Hints for Snowspirit

For Adventure Jam 2018, I created Snowspirit. If you need a bit of help getting through it, here are a few hints. Highlight/select each bullet point to get ever more “spoilery” hints about a problem.



What am I supposed to do? I’ve run out of things to do

  • Try to make it snow again.
  • The tablets are the key.
  • One is a recipe.
  • The others hint how to get ingredients.
  • These ingredients aren’t in the real world.


How do I escape reality?

  • What happened when you first woke up from your dream? Something fell off your stalactite.
  • Find other things to put there
  • Go to sleep!


How do I wake up from a dream?

  • Just step into the light!


How can I bring things back from dreams?

  • You can’t
  • But… important items you pick up while dreaming might have real world effects or manifestations…

What am I supposed to do in the forest?

  • That’s easy one. Just get some water!
  • You might need to revisit it later though.


How do I get to the third (probably?) dream?

  • You have what you need. What do you have? What haven’t you used? What’s it made of?
  • Just need to transform it a bit.


I’m in space and I’m stuck

  • Pay attention to the light
  • Notice that items in the dreamworld can’t be brought back to the real world, but they do transfer between dreams


I need a flower!

  • If you don’t even know where to look, see the “third dream hint” above
  • Everything in that room is important… so read the descriptions for everything.
  • Where is that light coming from?
  • Maybe from a previous dream?
  • There’s a little water. What’s the water doing? What if there were a lot?
  • You might need to do stuff in another dream with something from yet another dream.


I did everything and it’s barely snowing….

  • Put all the ingredients in the pot? That would be a good start.
  • What’s on that fourth triangular tablet? Hmm, you can only see a bit of it…
  • At least it tells you how to get to a dream…


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