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A number of people are stuck on my Adventure Jam 2017 entry, Void Quest. The puzzles are pretty hard, especially if you haven’t played these kinds of games before. I tried to signpost the puzzles well, but I may have failed at times. Or maybe you don’t have tons of free time to walk around and figure things out! So without further ado, here are some hints. Highlight/select each bullet point to get ever more “spoilery ” hints about a problem.



How do I get the story started!?

  • How do I get the story started!? Take that todo list on your wall!


How do I change from day to night?

  • Go to bed (assuming you don’t have anything to do, and aren’t stressed out by anything)


I want a listening device!

  • You were gonna get one via mail order, but you procrastinated. Look around your cabin.


I want something to see in the hole!

  • Well, your lantern might help a bit. But…
  • You really want something better. You were so distraught after the incident with fido and the tree, that you failed to notice something on that darned tree. Easier to see in daylight!
  • I wonder who put that there? Maybe they had a way to view pictures too.


How do I carefully lower things down the hole to explore it?

  • There’s another thing that has stuff lowered into it. Parts of it are broken, could be useful.
  • It’s the crank on the well! And it fits over the hole.
  • You’ll also need something under your front porch.
  • It’s a spool of fishing line! Look at the crank and the spool in your inventory.


I need a stamp!

  • Check your mailbox.
  • Postcard. And it didn’t get postmarked!
  • Remove it from the postcard. Carefully…
  • With some heat.
  • By heating your iron on the stove.


I need some cash!

  • Did you find a note from your neighbor?
  • The note blew into the stump you tried to pull.
  • Who stole the cash? Where is this squeaky thief now?
  • The thief has a little hole on the top right of his screen. It’s in there.


How do I get gas for the truck?

  • Make sure you have performed your other tasks first.
  • Have you lowered both a mic and camera? Did something happen afterwards?
  • One of those things that “happened” might be the tractor’s gas tank. It landed nearby.
  • Might be easier to find at night. What was attracted to the colors on the tractor?
  • The fireflies show where it is in your front yard at night.


How do I get the truck keys?

  • They’re on the same screen as the truck.
  • At night is a good time to see them with your lantern.
  • They’re in the well. Oh, but they’re just out of reach.
  • They float (wooden keychain). Change the water level in the well?
  • You’ve got a container that can carry liquids, don’t you?


Some other questions:

What’s that little mouse for?

  • It’s leading you to something. Might make more sense if you found your neighbor’s note. Which blew onto your property…
  • into your stump.

What are those black shapes I see sometimes at night?

  • I dunno… it’s a mystery?

That pile of rocks? Any purpose?

  • It’s just fun to throw things in the hole I guess.

Is there any purpose to the fireflies?

  • Yup. They subtley hint at something which is important later in the game.

What’s the deal with the hole? Who made it? What’s in there?

  • Haha, nice try. What’s in there? Well, (most of) your tractor, for starters. Maybe you’ll have to play Cascade Quest to find out more.

34 Comments on “Hints for Void Quest

  1. Game’s awesome! But when i put lowest graphics on my strong pc, I am going faster than Sonic!
    Could you fix that fast walking and running?

    • What do you mean “lowest graphics”? I haven’t encountered this bug before. Does adjusting the game’s speed help? (in the menu, accessed by the ESC key)

  2. Why character says nothing when this happens: You lower the lantern and it says on end: It’s still funny that you can no longer see light – but when you reel up there is no lantern. But when you sleep twice lantern is again on spool. Character has no reaction.

      • I’m not able to repro. When the lantern is raised back up, it’s still on the spool…

  3. I need a stamp! Maybe I will say some spoilers so read only if you are author or hint giver. It says you need stamp to send message. When you want to remove stamp you need heat. But I don’t know how to remove stamp. When I try to cook up water to remove stamp, it places iron instead water! Heeelp!

  4. oh i figured that i need to highlight bullet point no need to help!

      • please dont make pixelate ugly graphics like you did on void quest ๐Ÿ™

        • It will be the same style as Void Quest. Sorry you don’t like it :-(.

          • but you are making it in unity 3d so why you dont use 3d graphics? we are in modern age lol!

          • Donโ€™t listen to that idiot. The insistence on everything being 3d is killing animation. Your game is beautiful and has a very distinct style while still being reminiscent of an old sierra adventure game.

            Also it freaked my fucking balls off because you somehow tapped into my one biggest fear(the fear that Iโ€™ve only ever seen in your game, and House of Leaves). So props there.

            Iโ€™m eagerly awaiting cascade quest, I love your original art style that sets you apart from the hoards upon hoards of ugly 3d animated games that had no gameplay or story reason to be 3d other than โ€œthatโ€™s what you DO now!โ€, and honestly I really loved the ending of void quest.

            Thank you so much for giving me this totally free and totally awesome experience.

            (I realize Iโ€™m kind of sucking up right now but!!!! I just really liked it and I feel very strongly about these things and the state of the games industry nโ€™ such.)

          • Thank you Felix, I’m glad some people like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Please do make pixelate ugly graphics. We love it. The style perfectly fits the mysterious adventure atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. what are these talking voices from microphone in hole? why you hear music? will creepy black guy who lost his dog meet young boy in hole? i will not wait for cascade quest in 2018. i will rather wait for gta vi… but its best game on gamejolt really.

  6. What is with the end? Is there anything I can do now I am in the void?

    it’s all black, I am missing 4 pts.

    • That’s it! More will be explained in Cascade Quest…

      If you’re missing 4 points, it just means you didn’t do some of the optional stuff.

    • I had some issues with it running too fast for some people, but I think I fixed those. What are your computer’s specs? GPU? Monitor refresh rate?

  7. Aloha!

    Another support case ๐Ÿ™‚

    I regularly slip into some sort of development backend, is there any chance to exit this again and get back into the game? Maybe the situation can be even be avoided completely!?


    • Sorry for the late replay… That means the game crashed. Do you know what you were doing when you ran into this issue? (hitting ‘g’ and pressing enter will let the game continue, but if it’s a real crash, it’ll probably just crash again right away)

      • Thanks for the reply. I can remember that it happened while typing and I’ve experienced the same in Snail Trek chapters. In Snail Trek it seems like hitting a weird key like the German umlaut “รถ” causes the crash. So I’ve found a great workaround: typing properly ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Oh wow, haha that’s terrible! Thank you for reporting this. I can repro the problem with umlaut, so it should be an easy fix.

  8. I just got round to playing this game after reading about it in last August’s edition of Retro Gamer. It was great fun, like discovering a long-lost adventure game from c.1987

    I noticed a couple of odd things whilst playing the game though. Firstly, the menu bar glitches after retrieving the webcam from the hole. It seems like some kind of window is being displayed that is not completely visible. Secondly, I watched a walkthrough of the game where it appears that you bury your dog the day after it dies. In the version I downloaded (0.19) this doesn’t happen. Was this fixed in a later build of the game?

    • Yeah, there are some known visual glitches.

      You should be able to bury your dog at any time after it dies (or you can just leave the body there!). I don’t think I made any updates that changed any of that.

      If you enjoyed Void Quest, please check out Snail Trek on Steam ๐Ÿ™‚

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